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Metatron Star Mandala

Welcome to the Mandala forest, a place of mandala poster art, hand crafted mandala art, and mandala information, created by artist and spiritual seeker Luke Orsborne. Mandalas are sacred wheel-shaped, radially symmetrical, or geometric forms used both as decorative elements as well as tools  for spiritual development.  Traditionally mandalas serve specific ritual purposes in both Hinduism and Buddhism.  For example, in the Tantric Buddhist tradition, mandalas construct pure lands which the practitioner contemplates in a meditative state as a means to purify their consciousness and gain union with Buddha consciousness.  Buddhist and Hindu mandalas are often complex and rich with religious symbolism, containing specific colors, symbols, and divine beings thought to bring about liberation or progress on the spiritual path.

As the traditional religions of the East came to the West, the mandala began to take on new manifestations.  Mandalas today are still often symmetrical or circular in form, yet they are much more varied in execution and intent.  Generally speaking, contemporary mandala poster art retains its reference to sacred spiritual reality and as such mandalas still function as a device for awakening  or integrating consciousness.

What are some of the basic concepts  that a contemporary mandala may embody? 
  • a central truth or reality which transcends everyday reality
  • a central intention for which the mandala was purposed
  • unconscious or intentional symbolic content which elicit greater integration, awareness, or wholeness for the creator or viewer
  • a quality or indication of sacredness
  • an indication of the mystery of that which cannot be verbally or even visually expressed
  • a representation of the interconnection or interrelation of all things